Carsten Jacobsen

Developer Evangelist


About myself

Hello! My name is Carsten, and I'm living in San Francisco Bay Area, where I have worked with software for more than a decade, both as a software engineer, developer advocate and evangelist, and as a startup CTO.

I like to talk at meetups and conferences, and meet a lot of great, enthusiastic developers.


What I love to do


I've spent 2+ decades on coding, and have throughout my career as a Software Engineer worked with most programming languages and frameworks. It has given me a great foundation for understading coding challenges.


Developer Journey

This is very close to my developer heart. Understading the journey from a developer gets interested in a service, project or library, to successfully integrating and adopting the solution.



I love writing, and have writen both highly technical articles, as well as high level informational articles. My articles have been published on corporate websites, external websites and open source foundation websites.


Open Source

I have used Open Source software since the 1990s and have contributed to multiple projects. Today I support Open Source maintainers, and work on providing frameworks for successful adoption and contributions.



Public speaking is a great opportunity for me to share my experience, and connect with the community. I have experience in doing lightning talks, technical talks, running workshops and other types of speaking. I'm a Level 2 Toastmaster.



I believe tracking success of what I'm doing is essential. Without metrics to back up my work, I would not know what is working and what's not. If it's worth doing, it's worth tracking!



I have experience with leading engineering teams, from being a team lead to startup CTO level. My leadership style leans towards being transactional, and I enjoy being hands-on and a contributor at the same time as leading the efforts.


Work in Progress

Web Applications








Machine Learning







Public Speaking

Sharing my passion

How to successfully open source your project


San Jose, CA

Talk at Silicon Valley Code Camp, hosted by PayPal, where I talk about how to successfully open source a project. The talk walks through topics like the developer journey, documentation, metrics, community and much more.


Tracing IBM Cloud Functions with Jaeger


San Francisco, CA

Workshop hosted by IBM. In this workshop I did a local install of Jaeger's demo application, setup Jeager on Kubernetes and created a small serverless function, which showed how to do end-to-end tracing on the IBM Cloud.


Developer Goodie Bag


San Diego, CA

The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit talk, about which resources open source project maintainers should provide to drive adoption and contributions.


Metrics: When one size doesn't fit all


San Diego, CA

The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit talk, co-presented with Bitergia's CEO, where we talked about the importance of tracking open source projects' metrics, and how to define which metrics to evaluate, based on the maturity of the project.


Benefits of a plugin-based framework


San Francisco, CA

Lightning talk at Waffle.js, a local San Francisco meetup, where I presented Uber's open source web framework Fusion.js, and the benefits of using a plugin-based framework.


Open Innovation


Pittsburgh, PA

Talk given at PNC Bank's internal Open Innovation conference. The talk covered an introduction to Uber's open source program, and how Uber use open source to accelerate innovation.


Optimizing Machine Learning at Uber


San Francisco, CA

Talk given at IBM's Machine Learning & AI Summit. The topic was how Uber take on the challenge of training machine learning models with very large dataset. The talk introduced Uber's open sourced distributed deep learning training framework Horovod.


Introduction to a plugin-based framework


San Francisco, CA

Lightning talk at Devs with Disabilities, a local San Francisco meetup group, where I presented Uber's open source web framework Fusion.js, and the benefits of using a plugin-based framework.


Companies I've worked for
2021 – Present


Senior Developer Relations Engineer

San Francisco, CA

DFINITY is one of the leading companies in the blockchain computing space, and is changing how applications can be build, deployed and operated with the DFINITY Internet Computer. I work within the Growth team to increase awareness for the Internet Computer, and help developers achieve their goals and succeed with their projects, by using the Internet Computer.

2020 – 2021



San Francisco, CA
Copenhagen, Denmark

Working as the technical lead on the live streaming platform, including architecture design, partnerships and outsourcing.

2018 – 2020

Uber Technologies

Open Source Developer Advocate

San Francisco, CA

Uber has open sourced more than 300 projects, spanning from utilities to machine learning frameworks. I work with the project maintainers to improve documentation, create code samples, write content etc. The focus is on improving the developer experience.


Hyperwallet (PayPal)

Developer Evangelist

San Francisco, CA

This was a hybrid position, split equally between developer evangelism and being an enterprise solutions consultant. I was the the client-facing technical expert, with deep knowledge about how the API works, how the solution provides value to the client, and what best practice integration looked like.



Developer Evangelist

San Francisco, CA

Full-time contract Developer Evangelist. Responsible for engaging with relevant developer communities - online as well as in-person - and contribute with written content. I also worked with user support, events and more.

2015 – 2017

DreamFactory Software

Senior Software Engineer

Campbell, CA

I worked on the company's PaaS product, an API automation platform, and my primary task was to develop the product's UI. The UI was built on top of the product's API. As a small team we pitched in where needed, so I worked on a lot of different parts of the product. One of the extra tasks I took on was writing developer-related content for the company's website.

2013 – 2015



Pleasanton, CA

Co-founded this company, with the idea of creating a basic, easy to use, social media analytics and reporting tool. I did all of the coding, and build the solution from scratch. Developed frontend, backend API, analytics engine and integrated a payment solution for subscriptions.

2009 – 2013

LitePoint Corp. (Teradyne)

Senior Software Engineer /
Senior Cloud Software Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

I joined a small team to work on a new web-based UI for the company's wireless testing products. I also had a sideproject, creating a maintenance application for the service center. Later on I got the opportunity to lead a small team in the Application Engineering group. The team developed analytics tools for clients, which quickly could analyze test data from the testers, to identify common errors, bottlenecks etc. I spent about 50% of my time leading the team and supporting key clients, and 50% coding.

Car Guy

When not coding